This is a family enterprise.  The Sprecace and Dechiario families have managed to produce and unite in marriage with three health care professionals, two specialists in cuisine, a three-member business group, two teachers, a four-member design and marketing group, an engineer and a web master.

Our mission is to popularize, simplify, and market the only diet and life-style program that has worked through the ages.  We will not re-invent the wheel, but we will use all existing resources, including other interested persons who can contribute to the project, for the benefit of those who elect to follow our lead, occasionally providing something new.

We produce this site for the public and for professionals alike, with ample reference to support recommendations.

Please also see our Mediterranean Diet Resources Brochure.

Our Professional complement includes :

George Sprecace, M.D., J.D., FACP,
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine,
Yale University School of Medicine.

Alan Dechiario, M.D.,
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Columbia and NYU Colleges of Medicine.

Jeanne Dechiario, PhD,
Epidemiology, Stanford University.