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This section will collect and list books, articles and other existing printed material that we consider useful for you in this project.  Web-site resources wil be handled in the text of materials as links.  (See also the Link Category).  As originally promised, we do not intend to re-discover the wheel, but rather to grease the axles and to push the wagon.

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Resources... Issue 0501-02

January 22, 2005


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(2) By Ebbeling et al, ibid, p2828.

(3) Overcoming Obesity in America, Time, June 7, 2004

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One excellent reference is:

"The Mediterranean Diet, Marissas Cloutier, Ms, Rd, and Eve Adamson, Avon Books, 2001,04. ISBN: 0-06-057878-5


Read: The Italians, by Luigi Barzini, Atheneum, 1964. ISBN: 0-689-70540-9

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